[LLVMdev] Build Clang and LLVM on Win 8

Giorgio Franceschetti * g.franceschetti at vidya.it
Wed Jul 24 23:51:06 PDT 2013

Thanks for your reply.

Compiler-rt was a problem. From the documentation I thought it was 
mandatory (so what is it used for?),

but it was giving all those error about stdbool.h missing that I reported.

Now things got better, but I have still problems.

I receive an error that seems related to the fact that the grep command 
is missing.

Is it possible? If grep is needed, how can I found it in Windows?

Thanks in advance,

Il 23/07/2013 23.53, Óscar Fuentes ha scritto:
> Giorgio Franceschetti <g.franceschetti at vidya.it> writes:
>> I also tried to build LLVM with 3.3 sources.
>> Same problems.
> If you omit compiler-rt, does it work? (compiler-rt is not a required
> component.)
>> Even worse, Visual Studio hangs and I had to kill the process.
>> What could it be? Is Visual Studio 2012 working with LLVM/clang?
>> Or LLVM/Clang is not supposed to work on windows (I saw also that
>> there are no binaries ready for the windows platform).
> For the most part, LLVM works fine on Windows, with some limitations.
> Clang has serious shortcomings, more so if you build it with VS (Mingw
> is better because Clang can use the headers and standard C++ library
> that comes with MinGW, but not the standard C++ library that comes with
> VS.)
>>> It lists a lot of file not found during the execution, but at the
>>> end it does create th visual studio projects.
>>> Based on the web guide, it should be successful.
>>> First question, is it really?
> Yes. What you are seeing are the platform checks, where the build system
> looks for the presence of functions, headers, etc and then generates a
> configuration file with that information.
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