[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] design for an accurate ODR-checker with clang

JF Bastien jfb at google.com
Mon Jul 15 16:26:09 PDT 2013

> Mmm.  So you want to warn the user that two libraries using different
> assertion settings both use the standard library?
> I think warning about actual differences in code, as opposed to differences
> in type/vtable layout, is going to be pretty fraught with uninteresting
> positives, but if you want to chase that rabbit, it's your time spent.

It's probably desirable to choose to detect ODR violations on classes
or functions independently, although detecting calling convention
differences in functions (without looking at the rest of the code)
could also be useful. I've debugged enough debug+release mixing issues
shared-libraries to feel that pain.

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