[LLVMdev] reproducing binaries on llvm.org

Greg Fitzgerald garious at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 16:16:17 PDT 2013

> The script used for building the binaries can be found under llvm :
> utils/release/test-release.sh

Thanks!  A few follow-up questions:

> # Phase 3: Build llvmCore with newly built clang from phase 2.
>         c_compiler="$gcc_compiler -fplugin=$dragonegg_phase2_objdir/dragonegg.so"
>         cxx_compiler="$gxx_compiler -fplugin=$dragonegg_phase2_objdir/dragonegg.so"

Should that say "newly built dragonegg", not "newly built clang"?

>    echo "# Creating symlinks"

Is it possible to configure the build without modifying the llvm.src
directory (by creating those symlinks)?  I see there is a
'--with-clang' option.  Is there a general mechanism for pointing the
build to external directories similar to the one in the CMake build?


>    $BuildDir/llvm.src/configure --prefix=$InstallDir

Is there a version of this script that configures the build with CMake?


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