[LLVMdev] [RFC] Switching make check to use 'set -o pipefail'

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 21:40:34 PDT 2013

On 5 July 2013 00:15, Stephen Lin <swlin at post.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Hi Rafael,
> I think you saw my other e-mail, but just in case you haven't, do you
> have any thoughts about making this an option that could be easily
> disabled on the command line without maintaing a patch to lit? I think
> it would help out-of-tree target maintainers to transition, since I'm
> sure there will be a lot of similarly broken tests to fix.

I don't think it is all that many since it was less than one day of
work for the in tree ones. But if there is the desire for such an
option I can try to add it. What should I use? An environment

> Stephen


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