[LLVMdev] MCJIT and Lazy Compilation

Andrew Sorensen digegoo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 19:55:38 PST 2013

Does anyone have a roadmap for MCJIT with what I think people are
calling lazy compilation.

Is this even on the cards?

I spent the last few hours moving my project (extempore.moso.com.au)
over to MCJIT (particularly for ARM), and am a little horrified to discover
no ability to compile, and just as importantly to recompile, at a function
This is absolutely mandatory for my project.

I have been looking enviously at MCJIT's ARM+DWARF support for a
couple of years and was under the misapprehension that MCJIT was
attempting to be a *drop-in* replacement for JIT.  So I wasn't overly
concerned about the primary JIT being largely neglected. This is obviously
my fault, I wasn't paying close enough attention.

I am now wondering what the LLVM project, in the large, plans regarding
just-in-time compilation moving forward.  Is MCJIT the future, and
if so what kind of roadmap is there to replicate current JIT functionality.
In my case in relation to function level (re)compilation.

I appreciate everyones efforts, and that we all have our own agendas.
I'm just trying to put my own roadmap in place.

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