[LLVMdev] emitPseudoInstruction with MCJIT on LLVM 3.2 for ARM

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 02:14:22 PST 2013

Hi David,

> Stack dump:
> 0.      Running pass 'ARM Machine Code Emitter' on function '@tramp_4002416'
> Aborted

I can reproduce this failure mode if I add a dummy main to vvadd.ll
and try to run lli on it using the *old* JIT. When I add the
"-use-mcjit" option the snippet compiles successfully.

The old JIT is known to be pretty much non-functional on ARM, so
that's not surprising. The best option is to switch python over to the
MCJIT (looking in tools/lli/lli.cpp should give hints on how).


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