[LLVMdev] Could I explicitly tell clang not inline some functions?

Dmitry Mikushin dmitry at kernelgen.org
Wed Jan 30 16:49:55 PST 2013


For not inlining specific function - try to declare it

For not inlining any function - generate LLVM IR from clang, then add only
selected optimizations through opt, then codegen binary with llc:

$ clang -c test.c -O0 -emit-llvm -S -o - | opt <insert your desired
optimizations here> | llc -filetype=obj -o test.o

- D.

2013/1/31 Linhai <songlh at cs.wisc.edu>

> Hi,
>    I am wondering whether there are some ways I can tell clang not inline
> some or all functions.
>    Thanks a lot!
>                                          Linhai
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