[LLVMdev] Running a Local Buildbot

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Mon Jan 28 12:37:14 PST 2013

On 28 January 2013 19:16, David Blaikie <dblaikie at gmail.com> wrote:

> Minor point: Every commit or timed aren't the only options - usually
> the way this works (& the way the zorg builders are setup) is that
> they try to build on every commit, if commits come in while a build is
> running, those will be rolled up into a build starting immediately
> after the current one finishes.

ARM buildbots do that. Since each bot takes 4h to run, we end up testing
10/20 patches during peak time.

Not ideal, but that'll have to do for now. We're working on ideas to
improve that, and they all involve tweaking, ccache, distcc, etc. None
without risks...

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