[LLVMdev] [CFA] Target Specific Tests

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Jan 25 02:59:22 PST 2013

Hi all,

There were some discussions about target specific tests breaking on other
targets, so I did a simple test: compiled LLVM with a single target and ran
all the tests.

Here are some results for random targets:

ARM: Unexpected Failures: 334
PowerPC: Unexpected Failures: 340
Mips: Unexpected Failures: 334
X86: Unexpected Failures: 0

Most of them LLVM-Unit, Execution Engine, Codegen, DebugInfo, Clang. Most
of them exactly the same for all targets. Most of them are just bad tests,
ie. target specific tests in generic directories, or target-independent
tests expecting target specific behaviour.

It's safe to assume that each non-x86 target will have similar failure rate
when compiled alone.

While it's important to test LLVM on the specific targets (compile and test
on them), it's also important (and sometimes a lot easier and faster) to
test cross-compilation. This would also guarantee that cross-compilation is
not just possible, but thoroughly tested across all targets.

Call for action:

Would be good to have some buildbots doing cross-compilation for each of
our targets, but also those interested on their tests passing (Clang, Debug
info, MCJIT folks, etc) should also probably run them locally on their
machines and try to move their tests to the best category they think it
makes sense.

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