[LLVMdev] [Polly] Aliasing problems escalation (WAS: Re: [DragonEgg] [Polly] Should we expect DragonEgg to produce identical LLVM IR for identical GIMPLE?)

Dmitry Mikushin dmitry at kernelgen.org
Tue Jan 15 13:22:56 PST 2013

Hi Duncan,

You mean - what happens if DragonEgg is invoked with GCC optimization? I
tried -O3 and -fplugin-arg-dragonegg-llvm-ir-optimize=1, but nothing

- D.

2013/1/8 Duncan Sands <baldrick at free.fr>

> On 04/01/13 15:58, Duncan Sands wrote:
>> PS: Another possibility is to do link-time optimization, since at that
>> point the
>> optimizers are capable of finding out if that global is used anywhere
>> else or
>> not.
> By the way, do the GCC optimizers get this, i.e. remove the loads?
> Ciao, Duncan.
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