[LLVMdev] Need Help Understanding Operands in X86 MachineFunctionPass

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>> The code for adding the 32-bit instruction is:
>> BuildMI(MBB,MI,dl,TII->get(X86::PREFETCHNTA)).addReg(0).addImm(0).add
>> Reg(0).addImm(<constant>).addReg(0);
> That's surprising to me. What are all of those registers and immediates for?

That is precisely my question.  What do all of those register and immediate arguments do?

-- John T.

The X86 backend records a machine memory operand using a sequence of five operands, as follows:

Base Register
Scale Amount
Index Register
Address offset
Segment register

See lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86BaseInfo.h.


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