[LLVMdev] Publication - ErLLVM: An LLVM backend for Erlang

Yiannis Tsiouris gtsiour at softlab.ntua.gr
Fri Sep 7 09:28:38 PDT 2012


I attach a publication that we have at the ACM Sigplan Erlang Workshop
2012, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The abstract is:

This paper describes ErLLVM, a new backend for the HiPE compiler, the native
code compiler of Erlang/OTP, that targets the LLVM compiler infrastructure.
Besides presenting the overall architecture of ErLLVM and its integration in
Erlang/OTP, we describe the changes to LLVM that ErLLVM required and discuss
technical challenges and decisions we took. Finally, we provide a detailed
performance evaluation of ErLLVM compared to BEAM, the existing backends of the
HiPE compiler, and Erjang.

The citation is:

K. Sagonas, C. Stavrakakis, and Y. Tsiouris. "/ErLLVM: An LLVM Backend for
Erlang/". In Eleventh ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop, September 2012. ACM Press.

Could someone add it under: http://llvm.org/pubs ?

(as part of the ErLLVM team)

Yiannis Tsiouris
Ph.D. student,
Software Engineering Laboratory,
National Technical University of Athens
WWW: http://www.softlab.ntua.gr/~gtsiour

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