[LLVMdev] Here need your help

liu chao jun amiko212 at 126.com
Tue Oct 23 00:38:57 PDT 2012

 Hi all

    when i compiled  llvm-3.0 with icedtea1.11.4 together,A memory_barrier error happened ,And now I write to all of you for the following questions need your help and suggestion :
    1, Is any function which can replace the "make_function" in the following function,
    2 , Or is there any  different paramters in make_function with the similar action with the following one
    3 ,Is there a function similar with "nop" which can return a address in LLVM or Shark ,

 Value* SharkBuilder::memory_barrier() {
      return make_function(
#if defined(ARM)
            (address) 0xffff0fa0, // __kernel_dmb
 #endif // ARM
     "11111", "v");

what's more the Dir of the function is :/openjdk-ecj/hotspot/src/share/vm/shark/sharkBuild.cpp

Thank you very much and looking forward to your reply

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