[LLVMdev] "Cannot fine DIE"

Emil Djupfeldt emil at djupfeldt.se
Sun Oct 21 17:19:25 PDT 2012


May I ask what the issue was and how you solved it?

I get the same error just by emitting the compile unit di.

My code to create the compile unit di:
            file == NULL ? "_nofile_" : file->getName(),
            file == NULL ? "" : file->getParent().getPath(),
            false, "", 0);

This is the only debug info generation I do. Without it gdb will accept the
resulting executable without complaints, but with it I get the "DW_FORM_strp
pointing outside of .debug_str section" error same as you did.

The executable is compiled from the following files by first running my
compiler, then llc on the output and finally clang on the assembler code:
llc -filetype=asm test2.pk.ll && clang *.s

Source code in my language: http://emil.djupfeldt.se/poke/test2.pk
Generated llvm code: http://emil.djupfeldt.se/poke/test2.pk.ll
Generated x86 assembler code: http://emil.djupfeldt.se/poke/test2.pk.s

Emil Djupfeldt

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