[LLVMdev] Saving a reference to a Basic Block?

Caldarale, Charles R Chuck.Caldarale at unisys.com
Sat Nov 10 07:41:05 PST 2012

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> Subject: [LLVMdev] Saving a reference to a Basic Block?

> Is there a way to save a reference to a Basic Block that gets all fixed 
> up in the linker, so that you can branch to it during execution?

We use the blockaddress() constant generator, coupled with the indirectbr instruction:


Note that all target basic blocks of indirectbr must be provided to the instruction as part of the IR construction.

Also, at least the x86_64 target for the legacy JIT is missing some required functionality for handling blockaddress(); we've fixed that locally, but need to check what the MCJIT does before submitting a patch.

 - Chuck

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