[LLVMdev] [patch] Enhance of asm macros

Vladimir Sorokin v.d.sorokin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 06:52:40 PST 2012

Hello Kevin,

I thinking about this, but there are some problems:

1) Differrent interpretation of $[:number:] in macro body:
.macro test par1
  movl $0, %eax

test %ebx

translated to:
original llvm => movl %ebx, %eax
with patch => movl $0, %ebx

2) Different parsing of space in macro parameters:

test2 a + b,c

parsed as:
original llvm => macro test2 with two arguments 'a+b','c'
with patch => macro test2 with three arguments 'a','+','b,c'

For compability this problems requiring some compiler switch flag. Can you
give me description/example how it's can be done?

Thanks for response.

2012/2/9 Kevin Enderby <enderby at apple.com>

> Hello Vladimir,
> While this is great for platforms that use the current gas style assembler
> macros your patch also changes the existing support for darwin that does
> not use these style of assembler macros.  Could you please update your
> patch that leaves the assembler macros unchanged for darwin.  Then we can
> review the updated patch.
> Thanks,
> Kev
> On Feb 5, 2012, at 1:43 PM, Vladimir Sorokin wrote:
> Hello llvm users!
> I make patch of asm parser for make it to be closer to gas:
> 1) treat space as comma of parameters
> 2) support "req" & "vararg" atttributes
> 3) macro calls with with explicit named arguments
> Path attached. Can anybody review it?
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