[LLVMdev] Setting ELF section alignment at the Target level

Carter, Jack jcarter at mips.com
Fri Dec 14 19:41:44 PST 2012

How does one at the target level set/change the alignment of  ELF sections?

I need to create a few target specific ELF sections. I seem to be able to create the section and fill it with data that gets written out, but don't see how I can set the alignment without first having an MCAssembler object handy.

I am patterning after existing code for .sbss In MipsTargetObjectFile.cpp:
 ReginfoSection =
                               ELF::SHF_ALLOC |ELF::SHF_MIPS_NOSTRIP,

ReginfoSection is defined as a MCSection *.

Dumping information to the out streamer is simple:


It should be simple. I hope I just missed the obvious.

I'd also would like the ability to change the section fields of generic ELF sections at the Target level.


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