[LLVMdev] Placeholders in the target data layout

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Sun Sep 25 06:28:20 PDT 2011

Hi Carl-Philip,

> I have to use the target data layout for my compiler to make the native linker
> work. But the target data layout is target specific.

so is the native linker, presumably.  What are you trying to do exactly?

  My bitcode file should not
> be. The only critical thing in the layout is the pointer size: "p:32:32" vs
> "p:64:64". Is there a way to use placeholders to insert the bit width of a
> pointer at a very late stage?

You can simply not provide a target layout initially, and add it when you are
about to do something target specific (see setDataLayout and setTargetTriple
in Module.h).

Ciao, Duncan.

  It would be uncool when the platform independence
> of a bitcode file fails at _one_ single line.
> Cheers
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