[LLVMdev] Some questions on SelectionDAG

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Hi, all

I am studying the ARM backend on SelectionDAG, I have some following questions:

1. Each operator of SDNode in SelectionDAG is required to be defined by SDNode<ISD::XXX,XXX,XXX> in .td file, right?
But several operators are not defined in .td file, why? (e.g., ISD::BR_CC, ISD::CopyToReg, ISD::AssertSext)
[Villmow, Micah] These are the standard nodes, please see the ISDOpcodes.h file in the  include/llvm/CodeGen directory.

2. The MVT::glue value is used to ensure two nodes are scheduled together and in order.
In the other word, we can't insert any instruction of them in the scheduling, is it correct?

3. In the ARMISelLowering constructor, it sets the callback function with
setLoadExtAction(ISD::SEXTLOAD, MVT::i1, Promote);
My question is ARM don't support MVT::i1 registerclass, why should it determine this operation with MVT::i1 value?
[Villmow, Micah] Promote means the instruction that have a return value of that type extend to the next largest supported type.

Can anyone tell me?
Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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