[LLVMdev] git Status Update?

FlyLanguage flylanguage at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 15:15:38 PDT 2011

> That's what we need to have a discussion about.  If those things will
> work for people, great.  If not, we have some stuff to figure out.

Agreed. Hopefully core peeps will chime in.

>> I suppose it's merely a manpower thing now
> I'm not assuming that given the volume of e-mail around this.

Sending mail is cheap. Switching to git completely isn't.

>> and the fact that Subversion unfortunately works "well enough" for the
>> majority of peeps.
> Is that really true?  I've heard of a lot of LLVM developers using git
> but it all seems very opaque right now.  That's why I hope to get people
> talking so we can find out where everyone is and go from there.

Yet, there's surprisingly little complaint about Subversion around here, 
which is kinda unfortunate :)

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