[LLVMdev] Trunc Load

Johannes Birgmeier e0902998 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Oct 27 12:48:58 PDT 2011

To finally sort this out, and perhaps save my reputation should anyone 
read this:

I discovered the error, and it has nothing to do with endianness. In the 
generated assembler, the global variable was declared like this: ".bss 
_m, 8", and it should have been declared like this: ".bss, _m, 8, 8". 
Really. That's it.

I still don't know exactly how stdw behaves, because the documentation 
really implies that stdw doesn't care about the endian setting, while 
lddw does, but apparently you don't have to care. Using stdw and lddw in 
analogous fashion is OK, at least in little endian mode. So much for 


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