[LLVMdev] LLC ARM Backend maintainer

Pawel Wodnicki pawel at 32bitmicro.com
Thu Oct 13 12:54:47 PDT 2011


> I'm the code owner of LLVM codegen and targets. I'm also the one of
main developers on the original ARM target. That means, I would make the
decisions on major development on ARM target if there are decisions to
be made.
> But my role is very different from what people are looking for in this
thread. To properly qualify a target like ARM which are supported on
many different CPUs and platforms, we need a group of volunteers. This
is critical near release time for obvious reasons, but it's also welcome
between releases as well. LLVM.org doesn't explicitly name these
"maintainers". I personally don't see a benefit because we don't want to
force people to do release qualification when they might not be
available. I think what we usually do is for the release manager to
gather a group of volunteered. These are the folks who are responsible
for qualification the targets of their interests on their preferred

> Evan

Group of volunteers sounds great! I would like to add
my resources for ARM target qualification.

- Cortex-A9MP (Tegra2) ARMv7 architecture on Ubuntu/Linux, this is
quite useable dual-core system for host testing. I have 2 systems that
I can volunteer.

- Cortex-A8 I have bunch of devices but they are only good for target

- Cortex-Mx ARMv7M I have myriad of boards that I use for target
testing, the problem is that they can only run very small testcases.

- Assorted ARMv4, ARMv5 and ARMv6 architecture or ARM11, ARM9 and ARM7
processors. Usable for host testing are the Marvell Armada/Kirkwood
based Plug Computers, easy to get and I can volunteer 1.

Just my 32-bits.


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