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"CodeGen/ARM/vrev.ll" is one of the failing tests. You can make it fail if you run it with '-promote-elements'. 

Here is a short description from PR10902:

The failure in CodeGen/ARM/vrev.ll is due to the lack of support for
legalizing trunc-store/load on ARM. The code we have in LegalizeDAG assumes that the
scalars making the saved vector are legal. So, the vector <2 x i16> is
scalarized to two i16, which are illegal on ARM. 


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Hi Nadav,

> The new type-legalization mode (-promote-elements) which enables vector-select in LLVM (and a nice perf boost for several workloads), is currently disabled because of a _single_ bug in the ARM codegen which makes a few tests fail.  If ARM is not a supported target, can I mark these tests as 'XFAIL' and enable vector-select support in LLVM ?
Which testcase is it?

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