[LLVMdev] A question about calling external function in JIT

Wei-Fan wfchiang at cs.utah.edu
Thu Oct 6 12:28:27 PDT 2011

Hello Sir,

My name is Wei-Fan Chiang.
I am now a graduated student of U. of Utah.
I have a question about call external function in JIT.

Suppose I have a simple program:

int main (int argc,  char *argv[]) {
     int i = 2, j = 3, k;
     k = foo(2, 3);
     return 0;

"foo" is an external function (non-native function define in dynamic 
library) made by us.
In JIT, we just need to natively execute foo and pass the result back. 
That means, we want to treat "foo(2, 3)" as a constant while doing JIT.

Is it possible?



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