[LLVMdev] Suggestions for LLVM Developer's Conference 2012

John Criswell criswell at illinois.edu
Sun Nov 20 21:06:57 PST 2011

On 11/20/2011 4:33 PM, Chris Lattner wrote:
> One idea for a hacking session would be a "performance analysis 
> workshop".  People could bring their apps, we could sample them track 
> down what part of the compiler would need to change and code it up (if 
> time allowed).
> Given the trade offs involved, it could be helpful to many folks, the 
> trick is to get the right people to show up.

Chris, is there a formal feedback mechanism for the Developer's 
meeting?  One comment I'd like to make is that I think we need 
microphones both for the speakers at the conference and for people in 
the audience to use to ask questions at the end.  Every speaker had to 
repeat questions because audience members couldn't hear the questioner.

Of course, I think it speaks to LLVM's success that the meeting has such 
a problem: so many people attend that we have to get large rooms where 
hearing everyone is not possible.

-- John T.

> -Chris
> On Nov 20, 2011, at 2:10 PM, Joe Abbey <jabbey at arxan.com 
> <mailto:jabbey at arxan.com>> wrote:
>> David,
>> Sorry I missed the Community Event Planning session.  There was this 
>> neat session on Backend\Infrastructure competing with it.  :)
>> *Whiteboards (with markers (and erasers?)). *
>> I was speaking with Dan G about the complexities of trying to get the 
>> SelectionDAG to represent physical registers.  He mentioned during 
>> our conversation that a whiteboard would help.  Ballroom Salon V 
>> would have been a perfect place for a whiteboard room.  Surely others 
>> had conversations where if I could just draw a box... with some 
>> arrows... this concept would totally make more sense.  No DNE allowed ;)
>> *Hacking Session*
>> It was an absolute blast getting to meet many of the active 
>> contributors.  I think it was a great meet & greet, and the room we 
>> were in was amply stocked with refreshments.  Great job on getting 
>> that going.
>> But if we want to get some collaborative coding, must have a 
>> conference room with tables, whiteboards, and wifi.  Also there 
>> wasn't much direction towards the hacking, we were all coming from 
>> different backgrounds and concentrations.  I think if there were some 
>> air of games/competition we'd get more coding.  Perhaps something 
>> like make this C code run as fast as possible, or as small as 
>> possible on x86 using only clang and llvm to compile.  Patches 
>> welcome to make the code smaller/faster.   Another thought is to have 
>> a C/C++ snippet which is laden with errors and or warnings, and 
>> enhance clang to diagnose what is wrong.  Probably want to have some 
>> lottery-style organization of teams, so that the community is 
>> strengthened with teams consisting of various backgrounds.
>> On the other hand, I bet most of the attendees would probably go for 
>> boardgame session.  Many boardgames, like Settlers of Catan, 
>> Bohnanza, Ticket to Ride, Race to the Galaxy, etc etc exercise logic 
>> and strategy.  I think that would be another way to keep 
>> conversations going.
>> Maybe others have thoughts, too.
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