[LLVMdev] LLVMdev Digest, Vol 85, Issue 50

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Wed Jul 27 11:17:55 PDT 2011

On Jul 27, 2011, at 11:10 AM, John McCall wrote:

>> 6) it would be nice if the existing UnwindInst could be retained.  I wince at naming an instruction
>> "Resume" since in the English language it is so ambiguous (resume normal execution following
>> the conclusion of handing an exception, verses resume throwing an exception).   IE cosmetics
>> do matter.
> I would be fine with still calling resume "unwind", but the new instruction
> does need to carry extra information.

It should not be called "unwind" since it is different than the old thing.  I would be supportive of "resume_unwind" or something like that though.


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