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Mark Lacey 641 at rudkx.com
Sat Jul 23 21:14:09 PDT 2011

> There is a git tool named "git-flow" that specifically supports this model
> and it seems like it might fit the LLVM development model so I wanted to
> point it out in case others had not seen it. Perhaps the more core
> developers can comment more on its usefulness in the LLVM ecosystem.
> [1] http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/
> [2] http://jeffkreeftmeijer.com/2010/why-arent-you-using-git-flow/
I was reading through the thread and was going to post a link to the same
blog post when I came across yours. While I have not use 'git flow', I have
used the same branching model (both in Perforce and git) and like it quite a

I don't see why changing to git would require (or even suggest) any change
in the current LLVM policies, and I would suggest that the 'pull model'
(very nicely supported by GitHub) is actually in line with the way I
understand LLVM development policies and might be a nice addition if
desired. In fact using a site like GitHub nicely automates the code review
and commit process, and ensures that requests for review and commit aren't

On the comments about submodules/superprojects, I will agree they are
slightly confusing at first, but it's primarily the people setting up the
submodules that have to overcome that confusion. For en users they generally
only need to care about running slightly different commands if they want to
init and sync the superproject and use it to maintain the appearance of
atomicity across projects.

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