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Wesley Peck peckw at wesleypeck.com
Sat Jul 23 18:28:43 PDT 2011

Just to be up-front, I normally work on very small projects and I am very much a non-core LLVM developer (I'm the MicroBlaze backend maintainer). However, we have had success where I work using the git branching model described in [1] and [2]. There is a git tool named "git-flow" that specifically supports this model and it seems like it might fit the LLVM development model so I wanted to point it out in case others had not seen it. Perhaps the more core developers can comment more on its usefulness in the LLVM ecosystem.

[1] http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/
[2] http://jeffkreeftmeijer.com/2010/why-arent-you-using-git-flow/

Wesley Peck
University of Kansas
SLDG Laboratory

On Jul 23, 2011, at 3:16 PM, FlyLanguage wrote:

>>> Yes, but who's mainline? Is the plan to have a centralized repo with a mainline branch that everybody pushes to
>> This one.
>>> , or the a linux style model where some person has an official mainline to which he pulls?
>> Not this one.
>> This shouldn't be a mysterious concept, our policies are well documented here:
>> http://llvm.org/docs/DeveloperPolicy.html#policies
> No mystery, just nice to know which setup llvm will have.
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