[LLVMdev] r134829

Jin Gu Kang jaykang10 at imrc.kist.re.kr
Tue Jul 12 18:05:58 PDT 2011

> Hi Chris,
> What's a new way of building recursive types (with C bindings), once
> RefineType had been removed? And what's an exact reason for getting
> rid of the opaque types - I could not find a relevant discussion in a
> mailing list.

A simple example for recursive type may be as following.

/* C struct type */
struct foo {
  struct foo *a;

/* Method */
StructType *STy = StructType::createNamed(Context, "struct.foo");
PointerType *PTy = STy->getPointerTo();
std::vector<Type*> Elements;
bool isPacked = false;
STy->body(Elements, isPacked);

/* Result of llvm IR */
%struct.foo = type { %struct.foo* }

Jin-Gu Kang

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