[LLVMdev] Problem with compiling the runtime libary

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Wed Apr 27 17:39:38 PDT 2011

yafan zhao <yafan.zhao at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Chen
> Applied your patch to cmakelists files in LLVM 2.9 release and build llvm
> using Visual Studio 2008 successfully, but there is still no profile_rt.so.
> I do have profile_rt of visual studio solution file and project file in
> folder \llvm-2.9build\runtime\libprofile.
> I also tried version2.9 form SVN and it has all necessary cmakelists
> files now, but I still have same problem (no profile_rt.so).
> Did I miss any step? Where is your profile_rt.so located?

There are no *.so libraries on Windows. They are *.dll & *.lib.

There is no support for building LLVM loadable modules with Visual
Studio, as cmake says when you generate the project files.

So don't expect profile_rt.so (nor profile_rt.dll) with your setup.

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