[LLVMdev] inserting a fucntion call at the end of basic bloc

Nabila ABDESSAIED nabila.abdessaied at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 01:54:13 PDT 2011

hi all,

i would like insert a fucntion call at the end of each basic bloc
the fucntion i have defined and declared at the begining of the module
ie i have written a pass derived from a module pass
virtual bool runOnModule(Module & M){
// i declared the fucntion and defined it
for (Module::iterator a = M.begin(), b = M.end(); a != b;
          for (Function::iterator i = a->begin(), e = a->end(); i != e; ++i)

        //call the function

i tried to see an example with the demo, i saw that it instead of calling
the function, it repeats all the instruction that are existing in the
Any help?
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