[LLVMdev] Problem with compiling the runtime libary

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Fri Apr 22 09:04:14 PDT 2011

yafan zhao wrote:
> Hi All
> Thanks for all replies regarding to my GCC problem.
> I am trying to do profiling now and need to  generate "profile_rt.so"
> file. I compiled the runtime library using MAKE and tried on both
> Windows and Mac, but the compiling can not be done properly. I got the
> following error message:
> ------------------------------
> make: Entering directory `C:/llvm/runtime'
> ../Makefile.config.in:59 <http://Makefile.config.in:59>: *** Projects
> must define PROJ_SRC_ROOT.  Stop.
> make: Leaving directory `C:/llvm/runtime'
> -----------------------------
> How to fix these errors? Is these any other way to compile the runtime
> library and generate "profile_rt.so" file?

It looks like llvm/runtime is missing CMakeFile.txt's, and probably just 
can't be built when using cmake.

Do you know cmake well enough to write them? If so, please try it and 
send us a patch, otherwise I'll get to it eventually.


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