[LLVMdev] Xcode 4 autocomplete of LLVM includes

Pete sels.peter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 12:24:12 PDT 2011

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley <katokop1 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Slightly off-topic, but I imagine this crowd must have some experience
> using Xcode 4 for projects linking to LLVM. I've actually started
> using Xcode 4 as an IDE for C/C++ development thanks to the vastly
> improved code analysis-based tools it's inherited largely thanks to
> LLVM. But, ironically, I am particularly struggling to get the tools
> to parse and analyze LLVM (as a client, not for direct development in
> the LLVM tree).

I read somewhere that XCode does not support code analysis for C++,
only for Objective C and C. Cannot find that link anymore.
But is this true/false?

I used code analysis in XCode 3 and that worked nicely for Objective C indeed.
(NEver tried C++ back there.)
Whatever I try in XCode 4, C++ analysis just says, ok without reporting any
problems. (Even if I add a simple problem like int * p; *p =42;
 it surely should detect)

Apart from that, if I opt for LLDB instead of GDB, this goes
well, apart for a check for a call to a license manager I need to call.
It then claims that the license is taken and stops.
With GDB I have no such problem.

All is for XCode 4.0.2, build 4A2002a.



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