[LLVMdev] LLVM BUG for x86 code generation ?

Sebastien DELDON-GNB sebastien.deldon at st.com
Wed Nov 17 07:40:54 PST 2010

HI All,

when I compiled attached .ll file with llc 2.8 as follows:

llc -O0 -march=x86 llvmfails.ll -o llvmfails.s
gcc -m32 llvmfails.s -o llvmfails

the executable exits with the expected message: "SUCCESS", whereas if I use -O1 instead of -O0 for LLC, it prints out FAILS.

llc -O0 -march=x86 llvmfails.ll -o llvmfails.s
gcc -m32 llvmfails.s -o llvmfails

As far as I can tell code generation for select instruction is not correct, It seems that sign-extension propagation convert a sign-extension into a zero-extend.
Routine to look at is:

@result = internal global i32 0
define void @test() {
        %__.I0000610 = alloca i32
        call void  @init()
        %0 = load i32* @t
        %1 = icmp eq i32 %0, 0
        %2 = zext i1 %1 to i32
        %3 = trunc i32 %2 to i1
        %4 = load i8* @uc
        %5 = zext i8 %4 to i32
        %6 = load i8* @sc
        %7 = sext i8 %6 to i32
        %8 = select  i1 %3, i32 %5, i32 %7
        store i32 %8, i32* %__.I0000610
        %9 = load i32* %__.I0000610
        call void  @seti(i32* @result, i32 %9)
        ret void

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