[LLVMdev] Disabling assertions in llvm.org releases

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Sun Jun 20 14:03:31 PDT 2010

Török Edwin schrieb:
> Had assertions been off I think bad/invalid code would have been
> generated silently, resulting in a much harder to debug segfault.

Just a thought: how about distributing a "production build" with only 
the most important assertions active, and a "diagnostic build" that has 
all assertion checking on?
In that case, if there's "funny behaviour" in the generated code, people 
can be instructed to try running their code through diagnostic build and 
see whether it assertion checks.
Or they could be told to use the diagnostic LLVM when building 
production code just to be sure, but normally, the standard build will 


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