[LLVMdev] Assert in llvm-2.7

aparna kotha kotha.aparna at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 14:36:29 PDT 2010

Hi All,

We have this piece of code in our system , where we are iteratively remove
functions that we scan the cfg and mark as unreachable.
We observe that with llvm-2.6 func->eraseFromParent() works but with
llvm-2.7 we get a the following assert.

An asserting value handle still pointed to this value!
UNREACHABLE executed at llvm-2.7/lib/VMCore/Value.cpp:522!

for (uriter = unreachables.begin(); uriter != unreachables.end(); uriter++)
        Function* func = *uriter;

        // make sure that the use is within one of the functions
        // we're going to remove.

        for (Value::use_iterator iter = func->use_begin(); iter !=
func->use_end(); iter++)
            CallInst* pCall = dyn_cast<CallInst>(*iter);
            assert(pCall != NULL);
            Function* callerFunc = pCall->getParent()->getParent();
            assert(unreachables.find(callerFunc) != unreachables.end());

#ifdef LLVM_VER_2_6


We are unable to figure out why we see this. Any pointers would be great.


Graduate Student , ECE
University of Maryland, College Park
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