[LLVMdev] Casting.h illness

Gabor Greif gabor at mac.com
Thu Jul 22 10:57:40 PDT 2010

Am 22.07.2010 um 00:21 schrieb Chris Lattner:

> On Jul 21, 2010, at 12:49 PM, Eugene Toder wrote:
>> Is this a recommended approach/good style/good idea to use
>> dyn_cast_or_null<X>(I) instead of dyn_cast_or_null<X>(*I)? (And other
>> is and cast functions).
> We generally don't want auto-dereference.  There is some special  
> magic for unwrapping Uses etc though.  Is this what you're in  
> contact with Gabor?
> -Chris

I agree with Chris, that auto-dereferencing is a bad thing (esp.  
because of the gothcas I detailed).
I checked in a bunch of fixes to remove auto-dereferencing.

Maybe we should get rid of the type simplifier for (const_) 
use_iterator? Sabre what do you think?

There is one thing that is still irritating me:
dyn_cast_or_null and cast_or_null have different interfaces. Should  
these be made consistent?



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