[LLVMdev] Compiling Kaleidoscope on Windows

Russell Wallace russell.wallace at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 12:14:40 PST 2010

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 8:02 PM, Óscar Fuentes <ofv at wanadoo.es> wrote:
> A transformation pass. If the program works without it, I don't think it
> is important unless you care about optimization.

Ah, I was afraid of that, because I do care very much about
optimization -- it's the main reason I'm planning on using llvm for my
compiler backend in the first place.

Any guess at where to start investigating why LLVMInstCombine.lib
might be missing? If there had been an error during the attempt to
compile it, would the build process have stopped there, or just
skipped it and kept going new?

> Most likely this is due to mixing compiled code wich was built with
> different settings. Most specifically, your LLVM libraries possibly are
> a debug build, so /MDd (which links the debug-mode variant of the VC
> runtime libraries) was used for them.

That certainly sounds plausible. How do I build llvm in release mode?
The makefile generated by cmake doesn't include 'debug' and 'release'

> Possibly some bug related to cleaning up memory on exit.

That seems plausible. If it's a bug in Kaleidoscope itself rather than
the libraries, it's not very important.

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