[LLVMdev] About setting up official git & bzr mirrors.

Dustin Laurence dllaurence at dslextreme.com
Thu Jan 28 09:17:59 PST 2010

On 01/28/2010 12:49 AM, Christian Plessl wrote:

> I'm aware that there exist already LLVM git mirrors at
> git://repo.or.cz/llvm.git and git://github.com/earl/llvm-mirror.git

But I wasn't--thanks.  I'm not doing anything with LLVM that needs it, 
but if I do I'll find that a big help.  I find git to be such a useful 
productivity tool that if I was actually working with the LLVM codebase 
and can't clone the svn repo I'd have to download with svn and then 
manually create local git repos for actual work.


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