[LLVMdev] About setting up official git & bzr mirrors.

Christian Plessl christian.plessl at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Jan 28 00:49:35 PST 2010

Due to a current need to have a git mirror for LLVM, I'm resurrecting this old thread.

I'm aware that there exist already LLVM git mirrors at git://repo.or.cz/llvm.git and git://github.com/earl/llvm-mirror.git  However, these repositories only mirror the current SVN trunk and do no provide any branch and tag information, which would be very convenient for creating experimental branches that arise from a particular LLVM release. Also, the collaborative features of repositories like github would allow to easily share changes.

As Oscar mentioned in his post, it no longer possible for ordinary users to create such a mirror via git-svn, due to the measures take for protecting the SVN server from these kind of actions (probably through mod_dontdothat).

Is there any plans to provide an official git mirror for LLVM which does not only track the SVN trunk but provides also the branch and tag  information from SVN.

It's probably not very useful to have the whole SVN history since revision 1, for my purposes, having the history from LLVM 2.5 onwards would be sufficient.


On 28.10.2009, at 18:43, Tanya Lattner wrote:
> On Oct 28, 2009, at 8:30 AM, Óscar Fuentes wrote:
>> Time ago when the svn server was crawling due to massive hammering  
>> from
>> people mirroring the repo, someone said that after the 2.6 release we
>> could discuss creating official mirrors for those who work with svn
>> clients based on distributed VCSs such as git and bazaar.
>> Such mirrors increase productivity (facilitating experimentation and
>> parallel tasks, allowing off-line work) and even lessens the  
>> workload of
>> the svn server, as lots of expensive operations (log, annotate,
>> bisecting, etc) are performed locally.
>> There is a git mirror that works quite well, but there is no bazaar
>> mirror and it is impossible to create one due to the measures taken  
>> for
>> preventing svn server abuse.
>> I'm not going to start a technical discussion (aka flamewar) comparing
>> git and bzr. I hope it is enough to say that some of us prefer bzr to
>> git and mostly want to avoid using git on Windows.
>> So I'm asking to the powers that be some collaboration, either for
>> mirroring themselves the llvm repos (llvm, clang, maybe gcc too), or  
>> for
>> whitelisting some machine that would hold the master bzr mirror.
> We have new LLVM server that is being set up (delayed because I was  
> working on 2.6). I'd like to postpone this discussion until that is  
> finished (which I don't have an ETA, but hopefully over the next few  
> weeks).
> Thanks,
> Tanya

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