[LLVMdev] [PATCH] SelectionDAG Debugging

Dan Gohman gohman at apple.com
Fri Jan 15 11:41:35 PST 2010

On Jan 15, 2010, at 11:31 AM, David Greene wrote:

> On Friday 15 January 2010 13:16, Dan Gohman wrote:
>> Is it ever desirable to pass false to the "limit" argument?
> Not in the usual course of things but I figured someday someone
> might want to dig deeper.  "limit" is just a heuristic and it
> could be wrong.  Maybe the SelectionDAG is really just huge.

"limit" is just the flag that controls whether or not a message
is printed. It seems the message would always be either useful
or harmless.

>> Otherwise this looks ok.
> I'll check it in and if we think "limit" should go away, I'll
> follow up with another patch.



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