[LLVMdev] "Graphite" for llvm [building infrastructure]

Tobias Grosser grosser at fim.uni-passau.de
Tue Jan 5 17:29:06 PST 2010

On 01/05/10 14:45, ether wrote:
> hi Tobi,
> i just added the Poly
> library(http://wiki.llvm.org/Polyhedral_optimization_framework) to llvm
> build system, which only contain a toy pass "Poly".
> i think we could add the polyhedral optimization stuff in to this library.
> it was test under cmake+visual studio 2009, and i also add the library
> build rule to MAKEFILEs, but not sure if it work under linux/cygwin/mac,
> sorry.
> hope this help
> best regards
> --ether

hi ether,

I pushed your work to our git repository at

So we can work on first version that could be committed to the LLVM svn 

I just had some discussions on the LLVM IRC channel concerning the 
integration of Poly.

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