[LLVMdev] [Please help] Is there any option to make static library files ( .a) to shared libraries (.so) ?

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Mon Jan 4 22:02:16 PST 2010

Gyounghwa Kim <gyounghwakim at gmail.com> writes:


>  1. Is there any option to build all the llvm libraries to shared
>  library files with .so extension?

The build of shared libraries is controlled by BUILD_SHARED_LIBS on the
CMake build and --enable-shared on the autotools build. I don't know if
the latter works.

>  Currently most of the library files come with .a extension which are
>  static, and only two libLTO.so and libprofile_rt.so files are in .so (
>  shared ) forms.
>  Why those two are built in .so files?

Those are plugings, that means that they are intended to be optionally
loaded at runtime by some other application.

>  What are the functions of those two files ( libLTO.so, libprofile_rt.so )?
>  Is there any special reason for this?
>  Is it possible to build the library files into .a files?

It is possible, but useless.


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