[LLVMdev] [Please help] Is there any option to make static library files ( .a) to shared libraries (.so) ?

Gyounghwa Kim gyounghwakim at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 20:48:54 PST 2010

 Dear experts,

 I am trying to learn and use llvm, and I built llvm 2.6 with gcc
4.3.2 on linux.
 I encountered an issue to resolve now.

 1. Is there any option to build all the llvm libraries to shared
 library files with .so extension?
 Currently most of the library files come with .a extension which are
 static, and only two libLTO.so and libprofile_rt.so files are in .so (
 shared ) forms.

 Why those two are built in .so files?
 What are the functions of those two files ( libLTO.so, libprofile_rt.so )?
 Is there any special reason for this?
 Is it possible to build the library files into .a files?

 I'd really appreciate your help on this issue.
 Thank you for your help in advance.

 Gyounghwa Kim

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