[LLVMdev] Announcing: LLVM 2.8 Release Schedule

Bill Wendling wendling at apple.com
Tue Aug 3 23:57:05 PDT 2010

Good news, everybody!

It's that time of year again. We are going to release LLVM 2.8! I'm taking over for Tanya to give her a much needed break. I can only hope to perform as well as she has. This is my first time as release manager, so bear with me if things don't go smoothly.

This message is mostly to give you an idea of the schedule we're planning on. It's an aggressive schedule, but one that I think is doable:

8/6 - Branch
8/9 - Pre-release1 out (binaries and tar balls), testing begins
8/16 - Pre-release1 testing ends
8/22 - Pre-release2 testing begins
8/29 - Pre-release2 testing ends
8/30 or 9/6 - Release!

The August 6th branch is coming up soon. Leading up to that date, please make sure that the tree is stable – no regressions, etc. If you have a major feature which must make it into 2.8, please check them in by this time; the sooner the better. If you aren't certain whether your feature is necessary for 2.8, please ask the appropriate code owner. If you are planning major changes which aren't needed for 2.8, please hold them off until after we branch.

TL;DR version: Don't break things until after August 6th. :-)

I will send out more information about the release later this week.

Previous platform testers have all ready been contacted about the schedule. If you would like to volunteer for testing please contact me and let me know.

As mentioned before the schedule is aggressive. The August 30th deadline is only an estimate and we are currently thinking of pushing it back a week.


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