[LLVMdev] Building LLVM with cmake on FreeBSD

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed May 27 12:35:49 PDT 2009

Samuel Crow wrote:
> @Chuck Robey
> Before you pass judgment on CMake quit using those existing makefiles or the configure scripts.  They are NOT GENERATED BY CMAKE.  Start by downloading CMAKE from http://cmake.org/ and continue the process outlined in the build instructions that we keep trying to tell you to use and you keep ignoring completely.
> Perhaps you didn't understand what I said earlier when I said we are TRANSITIONING AWAY from AUTOTOOLS/CONFIGURE.  They are still present in the build because the transition away from them isn't complete yet.  CMake doesn't require those files at all since it does its thing totally differently.

That's not terribly honest.  I've said again and again that I don't know CMake.
 I have never even hinted I know it.  I don't know CMake at all, all I ever said
was that I looked, in llvm-2.5, at the Makefile in the pristine tarball, and in
the Makefile that's made via the configure script, and that both of them were
GNU Make only makefiles.  I hace since gotten a email which told me how to use
the CMake ( said I didn't know CMAKE), and when I looked at that Makefile, it's
using the VERY ancient SYSVMake syntax, dropping all conditionals, which they
don't do for the ther Makefiles, and this gives the CMake Makefiles zero extra
OS coverage over supplying BSDMake makefiles and GNU Make makefiles, it's just
very poor programming, treating all of the BSD systems like poor cousins when
the truth is that CMake folks won't bother to learn any Make system (the SYSV
make is a very simple subset of both GNU Make and BSD Make).  Using the SYSV
Make is just simply laziness.

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