[LLVMdev] Arm port

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed May 20 15:13:01 PDT 2009

Bob Wilson wrote:
> On May 20, 2009, at 1:38 PM, Chuck Robey wrote:
>> Hmm.  Well, my motivation is that I recently bought a Pandora (it  
>> has the
>> Cortex-A8).  It's not going to arrive here for a couple more months,  
>> I think.
>> When it does finally arrive, I want to be able to immediately begin  
>> work on
>> replacing the Linux that comes pre-installed with FreeBSD-arm.
> Hi Chuck,
> I'm not very familiar with the Pandora, but as far as I know ARM is  
> pretty good about backward compatibility.  You should be able to run  
> ARM code compiled by LLVM on it.  LLVM currently only generates code  
> for version 6 of the ARM architecture, so you wouldn't be taking full  
> advantage of the Pandora's processor but it may not matter, depending  
> on what you're trying to do with it.
> If you are able to try out LLVM for ARM, we would welcome your  
> feedback and contributions!

Certainly, I'll test it out.  In fact, I think now, that I do have a Nokia N800,
and it runs the same TI OMAP3530 (I think, but I'm going to have to go
doublecheck that) so I might well be able to test immediately.

Tell you what: beginning immediately, I'll start reading all of the documents I
can find at your site, so I'm not quite so dumb at it.  I haven't seen that the
code was up for download (or checkout?) but if it is, I'll fetch it and begin
looking things over.  If there is anything concrete that I could contribute,
I'll do that.  But, just doing all that reading is going to take me some time
(to really learn it all).  If you folks can offer me a compiler tool which I can
ultimately use for the porting of FreeBSD to the Pandora (or the N800?), then
I'm going to really owe you something, I think.

That means, I'll likely disappear now that I can start reading things.  I
haven't gone away, I'm just trying to get to the point that I'm of use.

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