[LLVMdev] adjust address calculus for an architecture that does not address bytes

Christian Sayer Christian.Sayer at dibcom.fr
Tue Mar 31 02:18:06 PDT 2009

my target architecture has a kind of "16bit addressing mode", i.e. one address does not address 8 bit but a 16bit chunk. Consequently, every constant used to calculate effective addresses must be divided by two.
So far this is not such a problem for stack objects since FrameIndexes, function arguments etc. have a lot of custom lowering code where this can be done.
But when it comes to pointer arithmetic resulting from the GetElementPtr instruction this is less obvious.
At first I thought this could be handled when lowering loads and stores, but I realize that I can only catch the targeted addresses of loads/stores here - however address calculation nodes may occur anywhere in a DAG.

So my first impulse would be to adjust the constants when the GEP instructions are transformed to ADDs. Afaics his would mean to change the TargetData class, which is not meant to be subclassed.
Is there a cleaner solution without modifying llvm?

Regards, Christian


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