[LLVMdev] How to add a trivial LLVM intrinsic

Matt Renzelmann mjr at cs.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 24 12:46:42 PDT 2009

Thank you again for your help.  Assuming my experimental "noop" intrinsic is
intended to be target independent, what file should I modify to provide the
code generator with the necessary information?  I've already modified:


Presumably it's not one of those?  Or, if it is, I imagine I've simply
screwed something up?

Thanks again,

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Hi Matt,

> Thank you for your reply--I've now done that.  Unfortunately, there's a
> error now:
> ------------
> Cannot yet select: intrinsic %llvm.test_intrinsic
> test.c:25: internal compiler error: Aborted

that's because you didn't tell the code generators what
they should do with your intrinsic.


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