[LLVMdev] killing vicmp and vfcmp

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Tue Jun 23 21:44:34 PDT 2009

Now that icmp and fcmp have supported returning vectors of i1 for a 
while, I think it's time to remove the vicmp and vfcmp instructions from 
LLVM. The good news is that we've never shipped a release that included 
them so we won't be providing auto-upgrade support.

There is some existing backend support for vicmp and vfcmp that looks 
different from what icmp and fcmp do. If this actually matters to you, 
please port the bits you need over to icmp/fcmp, or let me know if you 
think you still need vicmp/vfcmp and can't switch within (say) a week.

If I don't hear from anyone within a week then I'll go ahead and rip the 
existing support out.


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